Christmas Babies Will Enjoy An Enchanted Life!

Naturally sharing a birthday with Jesus Christ, the Demigod son of the Omniverse God, is a special thing! Christmas Day is also special because it was when the Demi-Angel Nicholas of Myra returned from Heaven and rose from his grave after dying on December 6th, 343 AD. On that day he was born Santa Claus and was later made the Saint Nicholas! Just as those born on Halloween enjoy paranormal powers and protections so to do those born on December 25th have supernatural support of their own. To a somewhat lesser extent differing degrees of the special abilities listed below apply to those born on Christmas Eve and the general Yuletide season. The further away from Christmas Day, the exponentially less these advantages can be. In addition, those inducted into a world diametrically opposed to Christmas in a religious context may find themselves in conflict! However, ultimately Santa Claus doesn’t focus on religion but rather the peace and well being of all humankind! Certainly, The Spirit Of Christmas has no religious beliefs.🎅 Read More About What’s Special For Those With Christmas Birthdays…

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