Does Santa Run Into Trouble On Friday The 13th?

Santa Claus certainly doesn’t have to worry about Friday The 13th and all the bad luck associated with it. This is due to him being a Demi-Angel. Angels are even luckier than Leprechauns!  There’s also the fact that his sainted North Pole City is a bastion of good luck.  It’s one of the top fantastic fortune centers on Earth! Second only to the Capital Of Good Luck and home of the Leprechauns known as Lucky Lake. The largest natural wishing well on the planet. There are also various enchanted energy centers around the world related to the heart of our world Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. That being said, there have been times Santa has traveled on Friday The 13th and encountered denizens of darkness he must deal with in order to protect humankind!

Past Friday The 13th’s

Here we will post any future updates related to Santa Claus and anything interesting he did on this dark luck day. Thankfully, the latest Friday The 13th in December should be uneventful due to the lunar energies of the December 12th Full Yule Moon being deeply ensconced with The Spirit Of Christmas. This has dissipated a lot of failed fortune and kept evil entities at bay. So far Santa Claus has spent the day at North Pole City preparing for Christmas.🎅 Read About The Various Incidents That Took Place On Friday The 13th Outside Of North Pole City…