Santa Claus Celebrates Mardi Gras

The high octane holiday of Mardi Gras is known for its perplexing partying laced with rampant revelry deeply infused with drunkenness and lascivious behavior. Certainly, the hallowed Saint Nicholas and the blessed inhabitants of North Pole City don’t partake of that particular slant on what is supposed to be a holy holiday. Well, perhaps the Winter God Jack Frost and his lively troop of Nymphs and Fairies. They mysteriously leave the North Pole during the festivities of Carnival. It’s likely they frequent the celebrations in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro.🤗

The Warping Of Shrove Tuesday Into Mardi Gras

Santa Claus and his family observe the season of Shrovetide, rather than Carnival. These are a series of Pre-Lent holidays commencing with Epiphany or the Three Wise Men Magi proclaiming Jesus Christ was the Son of the Omniverse God. Mardi Gras itself was originally known as Shrove Tuesday which is a final day of indulgence before the fasting of Lent. This time of repentance for sins and self-control over one’s own animal urges begins on Ash Wednesday after Mardi Gras. It then extends until Easter Sunday several weeks later. The Shrovetide is the bridge between Christmas and Easter that creates a supernatural symbiotic bond between their Spirits. The Mardi Gras practice of simply indulging in rich luxurious foods blew forth into prolific partying about false idols. All amid a carnal atmosphere of moral ambiguity drowned in liquor and other mind-altering substances. Unfortunately, quite a few people can’t rationally deal with the hardships of biological life on Earth in a mature manner!😱 Read The Rest At Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…