The April Fool Pranks Santa Claus

April Fool’s Day at North Pole City is merrier than usual as little Elfin pranksters run amok! The Enchanted Elves replace their normal winter tasseled hats with goofy jesters caps. These jolly jokers then perpetuate pranks and spread silly jokes among fellow Elves, other Christmas citizens, visitors, and even Santa Claus himself! This is not only good clean fun but also bolsters the Spirit Of Merriment that contributes to the greater Spirit Of Christmas. Naturally, even coming from the Christmas Capital the fun fosters its fair share to The Spirit Of April Fools. The Spirit is generally a force for good in the enchanted world.

The April Fool

Santa Claus has never met the elusive leader of April Fool’s Day until April 1st, 2019. The Trickster known as The April Fool got his paranormal power from the Norse God Loki. The Fool is clad in jesters clothing with a mission to perpetuate pranks both simple and elaborate upon unsuspecting individuals. When done to those who are good it is an honor to be joked by the happy harlequin. Sometimes those who are a little too self-righteous truly deserve to be embarrassed and humbled. These pranks are often harmless and lighthearted. When it’s done to those who walk the path of darkness then the pranks can be quite malicious with a sense of grand justice. However, in the end, not even the evil ones end up physically injured or die by the hand of the funny Fool.

Does Santa Deserve A Lighthearted Or A More Malicious Prank?

Santa Claus is a Demi-Angel of righteous justice who has always fought to not only protect humankind but also to instill happiness in their hearts. However, he has always striven to be humble and not acquire a bloated ego. As plausibly one of the most powerful physical beings on Earth, it would be easy for him to have alarming arrogance. So The April Fool pranking Santa would probably come from a place of admiration and respect. Really the Fool is a crazy clown and his seriousness is only seen in his silliness! Santa has mentioned on a few occasions he would be honored to be pranked by the Fool.

The April Fool Penetrates North Pole City

The April Fool probably never pranked Santa until now because he isn’t a complete Fool and is cautious when going up against powerful entities. There’s also a protection spell on North Pole City he may not have been able to penetrate while keeping all his powers. Not to mention the constant pure holy light of the Christmas Star. Unfortunately, for the Fool, Santa doesn’t seem to ever leave the Christmas Capital on April 1st by sheer coincidence. It seems Loki got extra cozy with some Winter Goddesses who frequent the North Pole. He wanted to reward the Fool for his wonderful years of service by letting him prank the quintessence of goodness on Earth. The Winter Deities granted North Pole access rights to The April Fool. Read The Rest Here…

The April Fool Returns

Since his first arrival on All Fools Day 2019, The April Fool has returned each year to prank Santa Claus and other North Pole Citizens…

  • 2020: Santa woke up under the everlasting evergreen Christmas tree at the center of North Pole City. He was wearing paper pajamas that looked like gift wrapping with images of The April Fool on it. Santa mysteriously had no power for an hour and had to walk home as is.
  • 2021: At lunch with the Elves Santa and Mrs. Claus found their clothing suddenly switched with each other. They even had each other’s hairstyles with Mrs. Claus sporting a beard. The magic wore off after an hour.
  • 2022: Santa thought there would be no pranks as Midnight April 2nd approached. That is until Mrs. Claus teleported from their bed and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer appeared next to Santa. Mrs. Claus found herself lying in hay within the Reindeer Stables. When Santa and Rudolph looked each other in the face they both screamed and shot out of bed! Rudolph knocked over a table nearby and crashed out the window flying back to the stables. Amid the commotion, the April Fool cackled like a loon as he appeared near the heart that lit ablaze with pink fire that turned to cotton candy as he vanished at the Witching Hour. Santa chuckled a bit as he ate some of the delicious cotton candy. He then looked out the window to see Mrs. Claus hoofing it back to Claus Manor.
  • 2023: Santa Finally Pranks The April Fool! As The Fool was on his appointed global prank rounds at a museum. He was about to make a dinosaur skeleton come to life to scare the hell out of an arrogant museum curator. However, at that moment Santa Claus’s jolly “hohoho” bellowed from thin air. It actually startled the normally unphased Fool. Then Santa’s face appeared as an astral projection wearing a jester’s hat as he declared, “So you love dinosaurs do you? I bless you to commune with them in harmony with Mother Nature.” Suddenly The Fool had on a Barney The Dinosaur costume and found himself transported 200 million years into the past! Gargantuan monstrous dinosaurs all tall as skyscrapers roamed about roaring so loud it made everything vibrate. The April Fool squealed in unfamiliar fear within the confines of his purple dino costume! A T-Rex caught sight of him and plodded toward the little trickster. Read The Rest…