When Does The Christmas Season Start?

Many think that the day after Thanksgiving, aka the dreaded Black Friday shopping melee, kicks off the Christmas season. As far as shopping it probably does. Although the corporations have been desperately pushing that back to the day after Halloween in the name of maximum profits. Some even attempt to advertise for Christmas before the Halloween Season even begins! Well before the emerald leaves first exchange their color for another of the rainbow. As far as the world of the supernatural the Christmas Season begins November 3rd in an effort to begin cleaning up the damage the forces of evil have caused on All Hallows Eve. The forces of good valiantly marshal their powers leading up to that most hallowed of days known as December 25th Christmas. Of course, simultaneously the forces of evil are still marshaling their own powers leading up to the diabolical Dark Christmas Day as created by the Anti-Claus. Thankfully that foolish day is no match for the raw paranormal power of Christmas! Read The Rest On Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…

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