Santa Claus Has Two Genies At North Pole City!

North Pole City is home to a genuine Genie’s lamp and bottle. Traditionally, lamps are for males and bottles for females. This holds true for the ones in Santa Claus’s possession. Not only are these magical vessels supernaturally sealed to hold Genie’s but Santa has also created a secure spelled vault to keep them in. However, a viewing window allows anyone to see these ancient receptacles laden with gold, silver, and various precious gems! The lamp could be rubbed and the bottle opened to gain three wishes each for a total of six! However, Genie’s are tricky and love twisting wishes to torment humans. Even with Santa’s power and wisdom he chooses not to delve into the dark magic of these trapped Jinn. Especially considering that any major world-changing wishes simply move the wisher to a Parallel Universe where the request is real. So regrettably no peace on Earth here for now!🎅 Read The Story Of How Santa Acquired A Genie’s Lamp And Bottle…

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