The Angel Mister Rogers Visits The North Pole

It’s your friendly neighborhood Santa Claus here!🎅 Mister Rogers has been my friend and a frequent visitor of North Pole City since the late 1960’s. As a man with Angelic lineage, like myself, he was destined to enter the world of the supernatural in order to protect children from things that go bump in the night. By day he brought peace to their world through his children’s television show Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Upon his death in 2003 he created the Rogers Dimension in Heaven as a place for dearly departed kids to frolic about with glee while becoming prepared to grow up through acquisition of knowledge. Such wisdom allows for higher dimensional ascension. The video above is a small glimpse into Mister Rogers Heaven. On Christmas and other special occasions Fred Rogers returns to Earth in spirit form to visit us in my winter wonderland.🎄 He was last here in July with some kids who never knew of the paranormal world. Naturally they were elated to see I was real! God Bless the Angel Mister Rogers!😇 Read More At Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…

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