The Mystical Road To North Pole City

Before modern transport, it was quite difficult for most to travel to North Pole City. Especially if they didn’t have magical means. So Santa Claus and his Elf Construction Crew built a series of streets. Each continent contains roadways that travel directly to the North Pole. Even Australia and the South Pole contain these magically cloaked roads that travel over oceans via magnificent gleaming bridges. Interestingly enough our world is covered by invisible magnificent structures out of phase with our reality that was built by Elves other than Santa’s. Elves have always lived to build, repair, and clean everything in sight!

Collectively all roads leading to Santa’s winter wonderland are known as The Christmas Freeway, Christmas Street, or the North Pole Road. These roads start out as small dirt paths in rural areas often traveled by animals like bunny rabbits. They grow wider into paths of pebbles and then smaller paved roads. All eventually lead to a main intercontinental expressway that is paved yet is almost always snow-covered even in Summer! Unfortunately, there are only so many Elves to plow these roadways all year round. Read The Rest Of This Enchanting Revelation…

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