Home Of Santa Claus's Christmas Capital

North Pole Animals

North Pole City has a wide array of animals life. Many polar in nature. Under the magical spell of the Christmas Spirit most are sapient and self-aware with the gift of intelligent speech! They are also blessed with holy immortality! Nothing ever dies at North Pole City!

  • Buddy The Polar Bear – Our oldest animal resident at 807 years of age. He wandered into North Pole City in the year 1210 in the early stages of planning the Christmas Capital. He was a young cub who lost his mother to an arctic sea monster! Buddy is a gentle bear who loves horsing around with other animals or anyone who wants to have fun. He loves letting kids ride him about the village and snowy countryside as they giggle with glee. He’ll often cuddle up with visiting kids or elves when not sleeping in his own heated Bear Hut.
  • Petey The Groundhog – Lives in a hole in the ground near Frosty The Snowman’s Igloo. Every Groundhog Day he never sees his shadow because it’s pitch dark 24-7 on February 2nd at the North Pole. Spring always comes early at North Pole City! LOL!
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