The Christmas Season Has Begun!

At Midnight on November 3rd Santa Claus performs a private Christmas Initiation Ritual with only a few select guests to act as witnesses. It takes place at North Pole City in the secure cavern the Christmas Crystal is located in. There he acknowledges the wonderful whirlwind formed by the Halloween and Christmas Spirits coming together in the name of a balance between good and evil. In particular, Santa channels the light of Halloween involving the good-natured celebrations of Trick or Treating and other fun festivities. He then focuses that power into the Spirit Of Christmas to jump-start the season. Naturally, he throws his own Angelic energy into the magic mix.

The Christmas Commencement Ceremony

At Noon Santa hosts The Christmas Commencement Ceremony that all may attend. Father Christmas gives a rousing motivational speech to the Elves and everyone else present. Then a shimmering star made of real holy stardust is placed at the top of the giant Christmas tree in the center of the downtown district as the rest of the tree is decorated. From there the Halloween decor is gradually removed through November 7th. By then all the Christmas decor is restored to its former glory seen for most of the year. After the Ceremony, Santa gets into his sleigh to lead a procession to the Banquet Hall.ย  There a grand lunch is served that is both Halloween and Christmas-themed to recognize the transition between seasons. Shortly afterward, the Elves get down to the business of manufacturing toys based on plans that began during Christmas In July.. Read The Rest On Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…