Home Of Santa Claus's Christmas Capital

North Pole City Locations

  • Claus Manor – (Home of Santa Claus Located At 1 Saint Nicholas Boulevard, North Pole City, North Pole, Arctic Ocean)
  • Ernie Elf’s Enchanted Emporium
  • Frosty The Snowman’s Igloo
  • Iggy Elf’s Internet Cafe
  • Jack Frost’s Ice Palace
  • North Pole Communications Complex (Contains several Communications Centers. Gives everyone the instant ability to speak any language on Earth! Includes the Deaf Communications Center giving everyone the talent to do Sign Language.)
  • North Pole City Museum (The Hall Of Letters)
  • Saint Nicholas International Airport (Various Runways named Rudolph and Candy Cane)
  • Saint Nicholas Church
  • Sandy’s Sugar Shack (Managed By Sandy The Human Elf)
  • Sinterklaas Cinema
  • North Pole City Banquet Hall (Claus Awards & Other Ceremonial Celebrations Take Place There. Located At 25 West Main Street.)
  • North Pole City Jail (Usually only for Elves who get obsessed with sweet treats)
  • North Pole Library (Where books literally come to life around you!)
  • The Tower Of Christmas Past

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