The Russian Sub That Invaded North Pole City!

Despite North Pole City being magically cloaked, there’s always the danger of a submarine popping up through the ice by accident! Something like the video above featuring a US Navy sub. After all the Arctic is simply a frozen ocean, unlike the Antarctic Continental land mass. It almost happened in the 1990’s with a US Navy sub but luckily a group of enchanted Narwhals nudged them just out of the way! Some years later in the mid-2000’s it finally happened when a Russian navy sub ascended below the Christmas Capital’s downtown. Its first attempts to surface failed as there was actually a sizable mystical soil bed and cobblestone street beyond the ice layer. It caused what seemed to be a decent Earthquake sending Elves, some visitors, and one reindeer running away in a panic! Read The Rest On Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog...

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