Santa Sends His Best Elf To Run A Supernatural Investigations Firm

Besides creating and delivering gifts at Christmas, I spend the rest of the year supporting those who battle the forces of paranormal darkness around the world. It is essential to protect innocent humans from all manner of things that go bump in the night! Many of these brave warriors look forward to the peace that Christmas provides under its gentle Spirit and the calm of the Yule Moon. It is then that many choose to flock to North Pole City for a much deserved vacation. While away from their posts of protection I offer to send special elves to temporarily keep their extraordinary operations running smoothly until they return. The following is the story of one such Elf named Fraggle who took over for a tremendous team of paranormal professionals at Mystic Investigations!

Fraggle The Elf To The Rescue!

The executive staff at Mystic Investigations works hard all year running the office, conducting paranormal research projects, and battling the forces of supernatural evil in the field. So we really look forward to our longest and most cherished of vacations every year. That being our surreal stay at Santa Claus’s winter wonderland. During our tremendous time at Old Saint Nick’s North Pole City amid Christmas 2017, we were given the option to have an Executive Elf man our supernatural post as it were. We happily took that option even though the peaceful Christmas season brings us the least paranormal cases. Still, we wanted someone with a measure of paranormal power to be here just in case things went south. Fraggle The Elf was sent to us here in Woodland Springs, Colorado by Santa Claus who is a powerful Demi-Angel force for good on Earth.ย  I, Xavier Remington, made Fraggle temporary Mystic Investigations President with full authority to run the business as he saw fit.ย  All our personnel are not fully aware of the wondrous world of the supernatural so we’ve only told them we’re going on a business trip up north. They believe Fraggle is my vertically challenged cousin.ย Read The Rest Of This Cute Christmas Story At Mystic Investigations Supernatural Stories Blog…