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North Pole City

North Pole City is a supernatural sovereign city-state located near the geographic North Pole.  It is the Capital of Christmas, and home to The Father Of Christmas Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas.  The original location was scouted by Jack Frost over 800 years ago in the on January 1st, 1210! Both he and Santa Claus built the city from the ground up! The city is magically powered via the Spirit Of Christmas & The Christmas Crystal which aids in cloaking the winter wonderland hidden from the human world.  North Pole City is an enchanted community nestled among a sprawling countryside of majestic pines.  The village at the center has a quaint Norman Rockwell small town feel complete with cobble stone streets that are mystically heated so they’re free of snow.  Those streets are lined with small shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment run by enchanted Elves.  We cater to those invited from the real supernatural community whether they be a paranormal entity or human.  Generally those who battle the forces of evil, or aid humanity in some way.  Due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact we cannot directly reveal ourselves to the world nor can I deliver presents to the general populace.  It’s up to people to do so in my name when the Spirit Of Christmas compels them. However every child, and even adult, who lets the Christmas Spirit cascade within, and wishes to dwell with Santa Claus will do so in their dreams.  As you dream the Christmas Spirit will project your spirit in a solid Metaphysical Energy Astral form into North Pole City.  You will be able to fully interact with me, my Elves, and everyone else.  When you awaken you may or may not remember the dream as your mind will treat it like any other dream.  Just know if you’ve ever wanted to meet me then you have whether you know it or not!

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Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington describes his time with us.

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