The Winter God Jack Frost

I met Jack Frost centuries ago when his heart was completely frozen. However through the sands of time it has thawed enough for him to fall on the side of righteousness. Jack saved my life when it would have been easier for him to side with the forces of darkness! He was instrumental in scouting out the location for North Pole City and lives here in his ice castle. This is his story!

Jack Frost, sometimes called Old Man Winter or Father Winter, is the literal original personification of Winter on Earth.  This makes him the Chief Winter God, and Grand Master Of Cryokinesis on Earth. He was worshiped as a God by various human cultures over the ages under different names.  His birth over 650 million years ago triggered a global ice age called the Snowball Earth. He has also usually had some part in subsequent Ice Ages. Often coinciding with some manner of angst in his long often miserable life due to his glum outlook on his existence. Plausibly due to growing up without parents, and spending millions of years mostly alone along with the enchanted emotional translation of ice-cold itself. As with many Earthly Nature Deities, Jack was born spontaneously via the unintended interactions of various forms of consciousness on a variety of dimensional levels. The exact catalyst is unknown but we do know that the mind of the Omniverse God on a sub-conscious level creates living personifications, or lower god-like entities, of virtually every thought he has!

The Lonely Life Of Jack Frost

An enormous monument to Jack Frost created by an advanced ancient human culture on Antarctica some 33,000 years ago! For reasons unknown, the governments of the world keep this a secret?

Jack came into being long before any humans existed on Earth, and initially, he only had a handful of primordial Earthly Gods, and Goddesses to keep him company. Not even Earth Goddess Gaia was born yet as more life on Earth was required for her spontaneous birth! Of course, Primordials and most high-level nature deities often clash and jockey for power positions! However, Jack’s cold heart made him prefer to be alone, and not take part in the nature deity hierarchy. For a time he flirted with Ice Demons, and even demons of Hell during his darkest hours. Thankfully he was more or less apathetic, and never chose a particular side despite more darkness than light dwelling within his icy soul.  His insanely long life was rather aimless and without purpose. Something that can sometimes be seen in his angst-ridden blue glowing eyes. Read The Rest Of Jack’s Story At The Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…