Does Santa Deliver Hanukkah Gifts To Jewish Kids?

Happy Hanukkah! The Demi-Angel Saint Nicholas Santa Claus is considered the leader of good in the supernatural world. Christmas is considered the big holiday show of paranormal righteousness. It cultivates the magical metaphysical energies of innocence within gleeful children celebrating the season with toys and treats. In the paranormal world, many holidays harvest this unique powerful magic for the greater good. This energy is then incorporated into the Spirit Of Christmas that repels the forces of darkness around the world that have built up over the past year. Especially after Halloween which springs forth a great deal of darkness even amid its theme of balance! The Christmas Spirit is the most powerful of the holiday spirits and provides power for various practitioners of magic who fight for all that is right! So how does Hanukkah fit into this supernatural structure? Read The Rest Of The Christmas Story Here…

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