Santa Claus Saves Good Witches From A Sorcerer

At an undisclosed location in California, sometime in August 2020, this photo of Santa Claus was snapped by a spy working for the Anti-Claus. Luckily, the dark operative was apprehended by the forces of good. His data was confiscated before the Anti-Claus could see it. We’re revealing this image as it relates to something that already happened. Santa is seen meeting with some good witches who summoned him via an Enochian Angel Magic spell. They heard he was real but weren’t sure until the summoning spell produced him under a beach pier. He had been walking through the evergreen forest at North Pole City with Frosty The Snowman and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer when he suddenly vanished!

The Witches told Santa the spell was in a locket passed down through the generations. That’s when Father Christmas remembered giving it to a young witch who saved some of his Elves from the Anti-Claus over 100 years ago. The spell indicated to use it only in an emergency of a supernatural sort. That emergency was an extremely powerful dark Sorcerer chasing them. He was obsessed with one of the witches. He said if he couldn’t have her he would kill her and the entire coven she belonged to. Most were hereditary witches who were related to each other. Read The Rest Of The Story…

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