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Santa Loves Milk And Cookies!

Over the centuries there have always been those individuals gracious enough to leave Santa Claus some treats. Even his reindeer would be gifted with carrots and other veggies by some. However, the tradition of leaving milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve came into play during The Great Depression of the 1930’s. A parental lesson […]

Does Santa Claus Deliver Name Brand T...

Children often ask for name brand toys created by various corporations around the world. In such cases creating them at North Pole City would be redundant. The only exception is if we feel the quality of the toy isn’t up to the standard a good kid on the Nice List deserves. That being said we […]

On Saint Nicholas Day Santa Claus Bec...

December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day! A time to celebrate Santa Claus’s 73 human like years on Earth between 270-343 AD.  During those years he was known as Nicholas Of Myra. St Nick’s Day is also a celebration of Santa’s resurrection from death. Despite being born a Demi-Angel, or Angel-Human Hybrid, his true power was suppressed […]

How Santa Met Mrs.Claus

Santa Claus’s wife is named Holly Claus, aka Mother Christmas. However she’s best known as Mrs.Claus.  Despite standing next to the most famous supernatural man in history her life seems to have been shrouded in mystery until now.   Holly’s Father Daniel McBride was an Irish immigrant, and young Architect who aided in the construction […]

Does Santa Claus Deliver Gifts To Oth...

Are There Extraterrestrial Alien Santa Claus’s On Other Planets? I was born upon this Earth as an Angel-Human Hybrid. Raised by my human Mother, and for the first 73 years I lived as a human being before my Angelic powers were activated.  My home is Earth, and currently I’m simply not meant to operate elsewhere. […]