Elves Who Travel And Work Outside North Pole City

While some Elves are content with a life of toy making and service to North Pole City others wish to travel the world for Santa Claus. Some Elves collect data for Santa’s famous Naughty Or Nice List. They may also be secret agents that infiltrate fortresses of evil and share intel with paranormal warriors of justice. They can act as peace ambassadors to secret supernatural communities and fill in for various paranormal personnel at special organizations when they’re away on overseas business or vacations. Some enchanted elves aid the poor, disabled, victimized, and homeless in their struggle to survive in this harsh world! Many of their missions may cross paths as they come across a wide section of society under the guise of being a little person with vertical challenges. In certain cases, Santa Claus will employ Enochian Angel magic glamouring spells to make Elves appear as normal sized humans for better access to certain areas of society. In addition, all Elves have explicit instructions to enforce any Supernatural Secrecy Pact violations at their discretion. This includes avoidance of mass exposure of the secret world of the supernatural! Read More On Mystic Investigations Christmas Blog…

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