Human Elves

There is a non-supernatural adult human chosen every 12 years who has 100% complete belief in Santa Claus along with a total infusion of Christmas Spirit within them. For those in the paranormal know it is too easy to have such belief. And of course most children believe as well. It is truly something special for an average adult to have the Spirit Of Christmas dwell deeply within them all year around with an unshakable belief in Father Christmas! When such a person is found Santa Claus reveals himself to the lucky individual and they are whisked away to North Pole City to become a Human Elf in a special ceremony. Human Elves are granted Immortality as long as they stay within the walls of North Pole City most of the time. They also gain Elfin powers. They are usually given delightful duties to perform at the North Pole and sometimes act as Santa’s goodwill ambassadors around the world! Noel Christmas was said to be the first Human Elf given the honor some time during the Middle Ages. Noel remains ageless as she rarely leaves Santa’s winter wonderland. The last person chosen to become a Human Elf was Casar Jacobson in 2012. In addition to this, various children are chosen every year to become honorary Human Elves. Impartial List Of Human Elves…

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