Dolls & Other Toys Come To Life At North Pole City!

Yes it’s true boys, and girls you can have a real life Toy Story in my winter wonderland!  Whether it be dolls, action figures, vehicles, or anything with even a hint of anthropomorphism.  We already have a variety of sentient toys native to North Pole City including our infamous wooden nutcracker soldiers that march about the cobblestone streets.  For some reason they don’t get along all that well with my marching enchanted Penguins!  Often times children vising here witness the awe inspiring magic of their toys coming to life before their very innocent eyes.  It’s a joy I never get tired of seeing even after all these hundreds of years.  Especially when a childs favorite toy, or doll manifests a personality along with complete human like facial expressions, and independent mobility! Naturally those toys have included Toy Story, and Disney Cars memorabilia, just to name a few.

How does this amazing magic occur?  More or less it’s my Angelic Saint Nicholas energies guiding the Spirit Of Christmas, the magical innocence of children, and the human collective consciousness into the willful purpose of breathing life into the inanimate, and intelligence into the normally limited.  The pure holy light of the Christmas Star plays a role as well.  Aspects of the human collective consciousness are utilized to imbue intelligence, and personality.  However my personality along with my family & Elves play a role as well.  Those coming here with their toys supersede my will in shaping a toys personality.  Generally when it comes to life it’s exactly as the child thinks it should be.  In some cases I have had to step in when someone brings the likes of a horrifying Chucky Doll here! Don’t get me started on the chaos that ensued last time that happened!  In addition artwork brought, or created here can take on a life of it’s own.  Animated paintings, and autonomously moving sculptures along with written stories coming to life are quite common!  Even musical compositions can have quite unusual effects depending on the mood of the composer, or even the people listening nearby.

Animals Can Become More Than They Are At The North Pole
On a final note the magic doesn’t end with toys as indicated by the aforementioned marching enchanted Penguins, and of course my infamous talking & flying Reindeer.  Those bringing their pets to the North Pole will find they can finally communicate in an intelligent manner with their beloved animals in their native tongue.  The same paranormal process that imbues toys, and other inanimate objects with life, and intelligence, enhances pets as well. It even enhances less fortunate humans with various ailments affecting the brain.  Some are shocked the first time their family dog utters complete intelligible sentences but within hours they’re acting like it’s an every day occurrence Scooby-Doo style.  As with the toys, the enchanted effect wears off once the animal leaves the mystically cloaked confines of my sainted city!

By Santa Claus

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