Frosty The Snowman

Yes, indeed the most legendary sentient Snowman of all time is real! There have been other animated snowmen and even a few sentient ones that were the product of magic. However, they were temporary creations without a soul or actual people cursed into being a snow person by powerful practitioners of magic. Quite a few of them were created by kids at North Pole City. A place where toys, artwork, and other items are brought to life by The Spirit Of Christmas and the imagination of the creator or owner of the item. Once the person and/or the item leaves then the animated effect wears off. Frosty is the only known humanoid Snowman to become a permanent intelligent being imbued with an immortal soul.

Thankfully, Frosty The Snowman is of no relation to the ferocious Abominable Snowmen, aka Yeti, that instills terror into the hearts of children, and adults alike! Frosty, on the other hand, is a delight to all who cross his paranormal path! The famous Frosty lives near the edge of Frost Forest right next to Claus Forest which is on the western side of Santa Claus’s North Pole City. This is somewhere in between where Santa Claus lives and the Ice Crystal Woods where Jack Frost has a crystal castle. Frosty’s portrayal in the classic cartoon bearing his name is somewhat fictional but is in fact based on the true story of an enchanted anthropomorphic snowman who miraculously gained agile locomotion, and sapience on Earth! Quite a few members of the Hollywood creative community have connections in the supernatural world.

The Birth Of An Enchanted Snowman

Frosty The Snowman came into existence one fateful night on Christmas Eve 1948 as Santa Claus began his journey delivering gifts around the world. Some gifted children were about to make history by inadvertently bringing a mystical being into existence. At North Pole City these psychokinetic children and their parents had been welcomed as guests by Santa. Early on Christmas Eve, by the light of mystical candles, a crescent moon, the extra-bright holy Christmas Star, and a sky full of shimmering stars, the kids built a snowman on the sacred grounds of Santa Claus’s Manor. The snow itself was mixed with magical sparkling Elf Dust which is similar to Fairy Dust. Elf Dust is a by-product of Elves exhaling. It’s invisible when breathed out but over time it accumulates in the environment thus creating enchantment. As they molded the snow to create Frosty’s body one of the kids put a small solid gold pendant in what would be the chest area thus giving him the quintessential heart of gold. The gold itself had been molded from a coin received from a Leprechaun!

Supernatural Children Accidentally Create Polar Life

The happy children innocently built the serene-looking snowman with eyes made of coal taken from a nearby shed. Plausibly the coal Santa drops into naughty kid’s stockings? The Snowman’s nose was a large red gumdrop one of the children had purchased from Sandy The Human Elf at his Sugar Shack. His mouth was made with a piece of black licorice that another child had with them. A crimson poinsettia leaf ended up forming Frosty’s tongue. One of Santa’s corncob pipes was placed in his mouth. Also, he was not given his signature top hat at that time but rather one of Santa’s spare red hats with white trim, and the white tassel on top.  His arms were made of the branches of an enchanted evergreen. Once he was done, they named him Frosty. His personality was already born in the imaginations of the children. They expected a basic animation with simple speech just as toys and other creations do within the wondrous winter wonderland. They were simply looking for a snowman to play with and had no idea that an amazing confluence of enchanted events was about to grant Frosty an intelligent emotional sentience and a holy soul!

The Paranormal Powers That Created Frosty

As with most kids who end up at the North Pole, they are children of good supernatural entities or humans who fight against evil in the world of the paranormal that remains hidden from most people. One of these children was a hereditary witch born with the active power of Quintekinesis which is life force manipulation. This interacted with another child’s Cryokinetic power of ice, and snow manipulation. They knew not of their power at the time and inadvertently breathed life into the snowman.  Upon completion of their snowy masterpiece, they all hugged the Snowman together and declared they loved him with the Spirit Of Christmas in their hearts. This transferred their combined power of innocent magic and infinite imagination that dwells within all kids. It also granted Frosty a Soul made up of a bit of each child’s human soul. If he was to ever be extinguished then Frosty would go to Heaven courtesy of his sainted soul.⛄️ Read The Rest Of Frosty’s Origin Here…