Our Very Own Baby Woolly Mammoth

The Story Of How The North Pole City Woolly Mammoth Came To Be

On a most unusual Christmas Eve in 1919 Santa Claus flew from North Pole City to begin his glorious gift deliveries. However he was caught in a sneak attack from his evil twin brother The Anti-Claus! This cowardly attack upon the sainted Father Christmas also involved a coven of dark witches! The Dark Claus flew erratically around Santa in his Midnight black sleigh pulled by 8 Hell Hounds led by Wickaninnish the flying Werewolf! He shot unholy metaphysical energy fire at Santa to distract him. Then at the right moment the wayward witches opened a portal into an alternate dimension. Rumors indicate it was a dimension of hell itself! Thankfully Santa utilized the magical Spirit Of Christmas along with his Demi-Angel powers to alter the huge interdimensional hole. As it suddenly blasted in front of his red glittering sleigh Rudolph literally screamed while flying in red nose first! When they exited Santa, two helper Elves, and nine enchanted reindeer found themselves 4000 years in Earth’s past! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for Santa to shut down the portal completely. There was some damage to the sleigh as they dived downward, and landed on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean with no injuries sustained. Read The Rest Of This Amazing Story At Our Friends Christmas Blog…

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