2018 Saint Nicholas Day Update

πŸŽ…On December 9th Santa Claus returned safety to North Pole City triumphant in his three day 2018 Saint Nicholas Day Trials. An annual Heavenly right of passage to keep his Demi-Angel powers. He has returned to full Angelic strength and is pushing full steam ahead with Christmas preparations! During his purposely induced state of amnesia and loss of his superpowers he aided downtrodden elderly individuals in a corrupt nursing home wrought with abuses. This even included embezzlement by upper management who gave residents far less care than they paid for! Santa himself was checked in as a resident and the dark minded attendants found that even a mortal Father Christmas could not be bullied nor have his spirit crushed! He lifted everyone’s spirits and made some of the misguided caretakers see the light of righteousness. Others who were too far gone were doled out a special brand of Claus justice! He made the elderly believe in the Spirit Of Christmas again before his memory and powers returned. Santa later dispatched a traveling Elf to watch over the nursing home for several weeks to ensure all remains well!πŸŽ„