Cäsar Jacobson: The Enchanted Elf In Charge Of Christmas Cheer

When at North Pole City, Enchanted Elf Cäsar Jacobson manages the Deaf Communications Center. It is one of many mystical centers that send out supernatural signals to North Pole Inhabitants and visitors. These signals allow everyone to understand each other no matter what language they speak. When it comes to deaf people it gives everyone the skill to understand and perform Sign Language. Everyone who enters the glistening glacial walls of Santa’s wondrous winter wonderland will have the instant ability to converse perfectly with deaf visitors!

Cäsar The Elf, a dual citizen of Canada and North Pole City, is also in charge of spreading Christmas Cheer. The video above clearly shows her skill at bringing joy to the world. Carefully compelling good cheer is a major component of the Christmas Spirit and its greater mission of peace on Earth. The delightful distribution of this enchanted cheer isn’t really necessary at North Pole City since this is the happiest and most magical place on Earth. However when abroad her cheerful mission is of the utmost importance! Second only to her mission to change the world for the better! [Twitter]