Enter North Pole City

The photo above is one of the secret entrances to North Pole City. Santa Claus’s winter wonderland is under a massive cloaking spell so it’s effectively invisible until you’re several feet away. Utilization of a more powerful cloaking spell has been unnecessary thus far due to the remote polar location. For example, The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences has a carefully crafted cloak that keeps everything 100% invisible and allows anyone to walk through walls without knowing it. Despite the enormous enchanted energy requirement, it may become necessary as human civilization and detection technology grow.  Until then anyone can view the mountainous glacial wall that surrounds the entirety of North Pole City if they are close enough. It gloriously glitters under the holy light of the Christmas Star that also slowly appears in the skies above. You can see even more when the Moon is afoot. Of course, the perpetual Sun of the Summer lights it up like a Christmas tree!🎄Read The Rest Here…

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