The World War 2 Christmas Miracle

Carl Dentai, his wife Teresa and five year old daughter Brigitta fled Hungary in the last days of World War II.Β  The Soviet Red Army advanced in May 1945. Carl was lucky enough to survive a Nazi Death Camp and just barely avoid living under Soviet communist rule. His family made it to a town in Austria occupied by American troops. The Dentai’s and other refugees who took up residence in abandoned box cars. It was a harsh life of survival with very little food available. Especially in the winter.

One Man Selflessly Spreads Christmas Cheer

A few days before Christmas an American Private named Philip Pelletier visited the family. He had met little Brigitte at the American run school she attended. Philip wanted to take her to a Christmas party. As an adult Brigitte recounted how magical it was to go from her life of poverty to a holiday party of good cheer. Fancy food, light, music and things she never saw before. It was an evening she never forgot. When Philip returned her to the boxcar he shared some wine with her parents and they all became good friends. Their dreary world was infused with the Spirit Of Christmas courtesy of one mans kindness. Read The Rest Of The Christmas Story Here…