How Santa Met Mrs.Claus

Santa Claus’s wife is named Holly Claus, aka Mother Christmas. However she’s best known as Mrs.Claus.  Despite standing next to the most famous supernatural man in history her life seems to have been shrouded in mystery until now.   Holly’s Father Daniel McBride was an Irish immigrant, and young Architect who aided in the construction of several buildings within the United States Capital. Her Mother Janey McBride was a homemaker, originally from Scotland, who nearly died during Holly’s birth, and was told by Doctors she could never risk having another child.  Holly Claus was born Holly Janey McBride On Christmas Day 1792 at precisely 12:12 AM in the new City Of Washington DC.  Fate placed Santa’s diabolical identical twin brother, The Anti-Claus, in the vicinity of Holly’s home as she was being born. As usual The Dark Claus was out attempting to halt Santa’s deliveries, and destroy Christmas.  Truly the Dark Claus was the original Grinch, and Scrooge combined!  Of course the Grinch was at one time his Chief Gnome before delusions of grandeur caused a parting of ways.  The Anti-Claus heard Holly’s newborn cries, and eyed the baby through a frosty window.  Something about Holly caught his eye, and he decided to take her as his own child.  Something this despicable individual had done before!  Generally the child was raised mostly by his Dark Gnomes, and became a horrific human deep into the dark demonic magics! Read The Rest Of This Story….