Santa, Frosty, And Rudolph Run Into An Abominable Snowman!

It was a Happy December 1st Day when Santa Claus decided to take his flying sleigh on a rudimentary test run after a mystical tune-up. Only Rudolph was pulling it since there was no cargo and the only passengers were Santa and Frosty The Snowman. Somewhere over Canada Santa could hear frightful screams coming from below. They landed in a snowy field to investigate. Santa and Frosty ran toward the sounds of terror while Rudolph had an annoyed look on his face as he was forced to unhitch himself from the sleigh. The red-nosed reindeer ran after his friends. As he trotted up, he found Frosty hiding behind some trees. In the distance, Santa was consoling a seriously scared young man and woman. The couple claimed a giant white monster had chased them away from their mission of randomly creating Christmas trees in the wild wilderness so as to bolster The Spirit Of Christmas. The crafty couple even utilized mini solar panels to light up trees.

Despite not being members of the supernatural community the couple’s faith in Christmas was strong. Santa decided to reveal himself as the real deal rather than some random guy hiking about in a Santa suit. The man and woman looked on in amazement as Father Christmas’s eyes glowed light blue while making white glittering snowflakes come from his hands. As he made this supernatural display he said, “Ah yes, it’s all real my children.” That’s when Frosty and Rudolph stepped forward. The couple was shocked at first as the fear of the monster faded and tears of joy ran down their cheeks. They all had a group hug before Santa gave them some golden tickets with glittering red and green trim. They were mystical invitations to North Pole City for Christmas Day. The tickets would actually use magic to lead them safely into the Arctic to Santa’s winter wonderland. He then urged them to continue their good work in a certain direction leading away from some tracks Santa spotted. Everyone waved goodbye and Santa revealed to Frosty and Rudolph that they were witnessing the terrifying tracks of an Abominable Snowman. A Yeti now stalking the holy trio!

As the terrific trio tracked the terrifying titan Rudolph suddenly blurted out, “The big bastard is leading us in circles.” Santa quickly scolded Rudolph, “Language Rudolph!” Rudolph apologized as Frosty chuckled. Santa then declared, “Indeed the blasphemous beast is attempting to lead us into a tricky trap.” Frosty then noted the size of the footprints indicated a 10-foot tall Yeti rather than the standard 9-foot specimen. Santa commended Frosty on his supernatural sleuthing and added it was a rare Uber Yeti that was most likely magically modified for greater terror by someone deep into demonic-level witchcraft! Rudolph then stuttered, “Oh c-c-crap!” Santa gave him a disapproving just as the mad monster leaped from behind a lit Christmas tree nearby!

The Alarming Attack Of The Abominable Snowman!

With an ear-shattering roar, Santa was caught off guard and launched several hundreds of yards well over the tree line at the end of the field. Rudolph then screeched, and said, “Oh sweet fancy Moses Jesus H Christ God Lord in Heaven Amen!” He ran away as fast as his four hooves could carry him as he was literally too scared to fly! He ended up tripping over his own legs and fell face-first into the snowy field. The gigantic Abominable Snowman took a swipe at Frosty’s chest dislodging a huge chunk of the glittering holy snow he was made off. However, it instantly filled back in as if nothing had happened. The angry growling Yeti kept swinging at Frosty but the jolly snowman just giggled. He then whirled around quickly so the beast couldn’t even touch him! Frost proceeded to twirl about so fast that he disassembled into a white whipping snow tornado that encapsulated the confused Yeti. Despite the monster relishing blizzards, this mini storm was quite violent causing deep disorientation in the giant furry menace. Frosty’s top hat, corncob pipe, coal eyes, gumdrop nose, and licorice lips flew away landing on Rudolph. It made the reindeer scream for some reason.

Soon enough the Abominable Snowman was encased in deep packed snow with an icy shell as the commotion fell silent. Rudolph got up and cautiously trotted over to the 10-foot-tall snow pillar. He stood in silence for a second before a guttural growl preceded the snowpack flying apart to reveal an alarmingly angry abominable snowman… Read The Ending To This Action-Packed Xmas Story Spectacular On The Mystic Christmas Blog…πŸŽ…β›„οΈπŸ¦Œ