The Spirit Of Christmas

The Spirit Of Christmas is an unaware global sub-conscious like entity like most Holiday Spirits. The Christmas Spirit exudes harmonious goodwill and loving light. It instills a general feeling of soothing warmth, emotional beneficence, marvelous merriment, and hope in humanity for the New Year.Β  It can affect all humans, and even supernatural entities to some extent depending on the goodness that dwells in their hearts. Animals can also feel it through sapient beings in their general vicinity which is considered a mild form of Faunapathy. It’s most potently felt by those who celebrate Christmas with genuine thoughts of selfless giving.Β  Although the core of the holidays are the children who most often focus on the gifts they will receive. Naturally, their innocence neutralizes what might be characterized as selfishness for their purpose is to grow into righteous adults.Β  It is also to stoke the holy flames that are at the heart of the Christmas Spirit. Read The Rest Of The Story…πŸŽ„Β