Santa Claus Was At Ground Zero During September 11th Attacks

Patriot Day is about remembering those who were tragically killed and injured in the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City. This includes the heroes who died fighting to save the innocent victims of this horrific event. On this day the residents of North Pole City solemnly pay homage to the fallen victims of the September 11th terror attacks. They also give thanks to the brave heroes who are still alive including members of the supernatural world who were there that day. This includes Santa Claus himself!

On September 11th, 2001 Santa Claus was in his office at the North Pole City Capital building when a security elf stepped in. He informed Santa that an airplane hit one of the twin towers. Santa switched on his satellite TV to watch the news coverage as he honed his psychic powers to target the general area. He then had a vision of a second plane hitting. At that point, Santa and the gathered Elves then knew it was a terrorist attack.

Santa wanted to power up the sleigh and rush to thwart the second plane along with the one that hit the Pentagon. However, before he could even get out of his seat his Archangel Father Sarandiel whispered in his mind, “No interference in major human affairs, my son!” This was the wish of Heaven and a part of the infamous Supernatural Secrecy Pact signed by an armada of higher dimensional beings. So Santa contacted his supernatural friends to go to New York City to help out. He eventually teleported to ground zero of the alarming event to save lives disguised as a firefighter. Read The Entire Story Here…