Santa Claus Pardons The Turkey Of Thanksgiving

In the afternoon Santa Claus holds a special Thanksgiving ceremony. Each year Santa pardons the official Turkey of Thanksgiving. Santa himself intuitively detects that one turkey on Earth who the Spirit Of Thanksgiving chooses as its conduit. An innocent soul who makes sure all goes well with the holiday.  After Thanksgiving metaphysical energies from the Thanksgiving Spirit are melded into The Spirit Of Christmas thereby giving it a rather large boost! These enchanted energies are used to quell discord and aid in peace around the world. In addition, the forces of righteousness tap into them to battle paranormal perplexities that might cause evil to flourish on Earth!

The honored Thanksgiving Turkey is usually a farm turkey whose bleak future lies on a dinner table. The lucky gobbler is whisked away by sleigh to the North Pole. Near the giant Christmas tree in the middle of downtown North Pole City, a stage is erected to kick off Thanksgiving Day festivities and conduct the pardoning ceremony. In the name of Mother Nature, the Turkey is not only saved from becoming the main dish of someone’s Thanksgiving dinner but also granted immortality. Something all residents of Santa’s winter wonderland enjoy whether human, supernatural being, or animal! Read The Rest Of The Thanksgiving Story Here…

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