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Cäsar Jacobson: The Enchanted Elf In ...

A post shared by 🌿 CASAR JACOBSON ® 🌿 (@casarjacobson) on Dec 23, 2017 at 10:30am PST When at North Pole City, Enchanted Elf Cäsar Jacobson manages the Deaf Communications Center. It is one of many mystical centers that send out supernatural signals to North Pole Inhabitants and visitors. These signals allow everyone to understand […]

One Of My Special Human Elves Will Ch...

Cäsar Jacobson is one my of special Human Elves. Those humble humans who have the Spirit Of Christmas dwelling deep in their hearts!  There are various missions of peace and prosperity around the world that I can’t accomplish on my own or even with my little Elves. That’s where enchanted humans like Cäsar come in. She […]

Our Very Own Baby Woolly Mammoth

The Story Of How The North Pole City Woolly Mammoth Came To Be On a most unusual Christmas Eve in 1919 Santa Claus flew from North Pole City to begin his glorious gift deliveries. However he was caught in a sneak attack from his evil twin brother The Anti-Claus! This cowardly attack upon the sainted […]

The Winter God Jack Frost

I met Jack Frost centuries ago when his heart was completely frozen. However through the sands of time it has thawed enough for him to fall on the side of righteousness. Jack saved my life when it would have been easier for him to side with the forces of darkness! He was instrumental in scouting […]