Why Does Santa Claus Enter Homes Via Chimneys?

In order to conserve energy, Santa Claus chooses the most open route into a home rather than just transporting through walls. It simply requires less metaphysical energy than going through a solid object. Chimney access when a fireplace is present allows the shortest route to the Christmas tree. Every second counts when you have to deliver gifts to millions of homes within a short span of time! When a furnace flue is involved he teleports into the furnace, usually in the basement, and then through the air vents to the evergreen tree. Only if he’s low on energy will Santa actually shoot out of the furnace and ascend the basement steps. Fear not if he misses the mark and ends up in the flames of the hearth or furnace. He is virtually fireproof and cannot be burned. Plausibly only unholy flames dark blessed by demons could harm him! Also if he ended up in a tight spot his super strength could easily burst him out. There have been a few incidents where furnaces have been annihilated! This is one of the purposes of the Elves who travel with him. They can re-build anything in a few minutes!🎅 Read More About Santa’s Journey Into Millions Of Homes On Christmas Eve…

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