The North Pole Television Network

The North Pole Network or NPN is the only local TV station that comes in on television sets for the residents and visitors of North Pole City. It came into existence in 1933 when the first TV’s manifested in the Christmas Capital. The other TV stations are from satellite dishes that get networks from all over the world. Even with over 1000 channels, people spend very little time watching TV amid the fantasy paradise of the most magical place on Earth! 90% of the people watching TV there are viewing NPN which comes in on Channel 1. The most common viewing hours are when people awaken and before they go to bed.

Much of the programming is for visitors. Especially during the Christmas Season. The most common of these feature various residents partaking of adventures about the winter wonderland showing everyone the surreal sights to explore. There are also newscasts with Elf Anchors and Reporters. They will interview Santa Claus and all manner of residents. You will also find holiday specials with celebrity guests. Those who know of the supernatural world. One of the most popular is the Martha Stewart and Mrs. Claus Christmas Special. In the image above we see The Merry Adventures Of Frosty And Rudolph. Each week these wacky friends frolic about and find themselves in hilarious situations.๐Ÿ“บ