Does Santa Claus Deliver Gifts To Other Planets?

Are There Extraterrestrial Alien Santa Claus’s On Other Planets?
I was born upon this Earth as an Angel-Human Hybrid. Raised by my human Mother, and for the first 73 years I lived as a human being before my Angelic powers were activated.  My home is Earth, and currently I’m simply not meant to operate elsewhere.  That being said my Angel half calls the entire Universe home.  Over my several centuries of existence I have learned of alien plants about the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond!  Indeed on other worlds Angel-Human Hybrids have been born, and some have become the equivalent of myself where similar Christmas holidays exist.  There are even repeats of myself that are like parallel Universe versions of me except born in this particular Universe due to it’s amazing vastness.  They are in fact me, and we are of the same soul.  I’m able to visit these places in my dreams, walk about their equivalent North Pole Cities in astral projection form, and also traded places briefly with my other self via quantum entangled consciousness transfer. I’ve done the same things with Parallel Universe Earth’s as well.  On some alternate Earth’s various other paranormal beings take up the mantle of Santa where I don’t exist. In one a man from the future travels back in time using his technology to become Santa Claus. This is an extremely complicated multi-dimensional metaphysical subject unique to my higher dimensional Angel half!  That’s why I don’t casually speak of this part of my life with anyone except Mrs. Claus, and my kids Nick, Jr. & Mary.

My Angel half can also have psychic visions that include seeing the future.  A future in which the restrictions of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact are lifted, and I can finally reveal myself to the world! A time when I can return to my roots of delivering gifts to all the good boys, and girls of Earth rather than just the paranormal community, and special select humans.  I’ve witnessed my expansion of Christmas into the final frontier of space as humanity surges forth into the stars.  At some point in this fantastical future I deliver gifts throughout planets all over this Galaxy, and Galaxies far far away!  I’m certainly up for the challenge of bringing Christmas to little ET boys, and girls!

By Santa Claus

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